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California Genealogy is designed to help you to find online genealogy data for California. We hope this website will assist you in establishing your California family history. 

At present we have a series of pages devoted to identifying the various genealogical resources online. You can access this list from every page on the site, as they'll always appear on the right side.

We will be updating these pages frequently with additional California genealogy and historical data, so please visit often.

Please take some time and read books we have put on line for you research:

Cemeteries of California A list of all cemeteries in California, first by name, county and location.  A great tool to help with cemeteries that have the same name within the state.

1922 Householders' Guide of the City of Watsonville
Alphabetical listing of names, including address

1948 Directory, Alturas, Modoc County
A listing as of June 1948 of the citizens of Alturas

Death Valley In '49
Autobiography Of A Pioneer, Detailing His Life From A Humble Home In The Green Mountains To The Gold Mines Of California; And Particularly Reciting The Sufferings Of The Band Of Men, Women And Children Who Gave "Death Valley" Its Name.

The Adventures of a Forty-niner
An Historic Description of California, with Events and Ideas of San Francisco and Its People in Those Early Days, By Daniel Knower. Daniel went to California in 1849 during the start of the gold-rush days. This manuscript provides sketches on events and ideas that he saw, as well as detailing his trek to the gold rush town of Coloma.

Old Mission Stories of California
In these quiet, unpretending stories the writer has attempted to give a faithful picture of life among the Indians and Spaniards in Nueva California during the early days of the past century.

La Baja California
Very soon after the conquest of Mexico the attention of Cortez was attracted by certain stories told by some of the conquered tribes regarding a mysterious but wonderful country, lying far to the northwestward. This land they called Ciguatan, or The Realm of Women; and they declared that it abounded in gold, in pearls, rubies, garnets, turquoises, and many other products, rich and precious.

We are also the hosts of California Gold Rush Most Wanted, if you have a ancestor lost in California during the time of the Goldrush, 1840s-1880s, you will want to make a "brick-wall" post here.

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