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Biographies can be a great source of information to the researcher.  You should remember that often times the information presented in County History books was information paid for by your ancestor and they were allowed to write what ever they wanted.  Like everything in Genealogy, you need to verify the information.


State Biographies (Counties unknown)

Selected California Biographies (hosted at USGenWeb )

Butte County

Descendants of Samuel D. Lively (hosted at USGenWeb)

Eldorado County (following Biographies (hosted at CAGenWeb )

Hiram E. Barton

G. Bassi

William Franklin Coe

Rueben T. Demuth

William Dormody

Ira A. Fisk

George W. Gallaner

Thomas Agustus Galt

William E. C. Griffith

Charles Warren Haskins

John Hopwood

William Hotchkiss

Joseph Irish

Alexander Jacobsen

Thomas Johnson

Louis Kloepfer

Samuel Kyburz

Elias L. Parker

Aylmer Pelton

Samuel B. Pelton

Samuel C. Pelton

John Price

James Richards

Minnie Barton Showers

Louis T. Stroup

Louis J. Wintermantel

Lassen County

Biography of Frank Summers (hosted at USGenWeb)

Descendants of Reuben Miller Dillon (hosted at CAGenWeb)

Los Angeles County

Biography of George F. Baizley (hosted at USGenWeb)

Marin County Following Biographies (hosted at CAGenWeb)

Camillo Ynitia, 1803 - 1856

A biography of the Bailey Bliss & Snell families

The Dufficy Family

The Egnew Family

A Short History of Olompali

Biography of Dorothea Weir

Descendants of Simon Jacob De Witt

Monterey County Following Biographies (hosted at CAGenWeb)

John A. Armstrong

John Graham Armstrong

Pierre Artellan

Felipe Santiago Garcia

Thomas Garside

Frank E. Hook

Samuel Irvine

Jacob Pura

Napa County Following Biographies (hosted at USGenWeb)

Biography of Connelley Conn Descendants of William Pink Hudson and Julia Ann   Kettenring

Biography of Conn W. Letterman M. D

Biography of James McFarling

Orange County

John C. Cordes (hosted at CAGenWeb)

Riverside County

Jost Biographies (hosted at USGenWeb)

Sanjoaquin County

Biography of John Beer (hosted at USGenWeb)

San Bernardino County

Biographies of San Bernardino County (hosted at California Genealogy)

San Luis Obisbo County

Descendants of William Pink Hudson and Julia Ann Kettenring (hosted at USGenWeb)

Sam Mateo County (hosted at CaliforniaGenealogy)

San Mateo Biographies

Sonoma County

Cornelius Hudson (hosted at USGenWeb)

Tulare County

John Findley & Sarah J. Masters (hosted at USGenWeb)

California Pioneer Project

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