Biography of Henry Campbell Brooke

Henry Campbell Brooke, Superintendent of Schools of San Bernardino County, and one of the most devoted and successful workers in the cause of public school education on the Pacific coast, was born in Pennsylvania in 1834. His ancestors on both sides immigrated to America and settled in that State in the closing year of the …read more

The Riverside Water Company

The 14,000 acres of irrigable land embraced in the Riverside colony are under the system of ditches constructed and owned by this water company. The owner of each acre of land en-titled to water from this company’s system has two shares of the company’s stock attached to the land, and transferable only with that land, …read more

More Towns of San Bernardino County, California

Beaumont Beaumont formerly San Gorgonio, is an attractive little town at the head of the San Gorgonio Canon. It is sometimes designated as ” the summit,” being located on the divide,” 2,500 feet above the sea level. It is on the Yuma division of the S. P. Railroad, twenty miles east of Colton, and twenty-five …read more

Additional Towns of San Bernardino County, California

Arrowhead Hot Springs The Arrowhead Hot Springs are on the mesa, a bench of the San Bernardino range, about ten miles from Colton, on the Southern Pacific Railway, and six miles northeast of San Bernardino, than which town they have some 1,000 feet more altitude, being over 2,000 feet above the sea level. The name …read more

Towns of San Bernardino County, California

Colony Of Etiwanda The Colony Of Etiwanda was founded in 1881 by W. B. Chaffey and George Chaffey, Jr., brothers from the province of Ontario, Canada. They purchased from Captain Garcia a tract comprising 3,000 acres, putting the land on the market the following year. The water right gave exclusive control of the water of …read more

Small Towns of San Bernardino County, California

South Cucamonga South Cucamonga is so called in contradistinction from Cucamonga (the old office) and North Cucamonga, on the California Central Railway. The town-site is named South Cucamonga, but the legal name of the post office is Zucker. It is forty-two miles east of Los Angeles, sixteen miles west of Colton, and two miles south …read more

The San Bernardino Society of California Pioneers

The San Bernardino Society of California Pioneers was organized in the courthouse in the city of San Bernardino, in the county of San Bernardino, State of California, on the 21st day of January 1888, with thirty charter members. Its objects, as stated in its constitution, are to cultivate the social virtues of its members, and …read more

San Bernardino City History

The city occupies just a mile square, and it was laid off on a liberal scale, viewed with reference to the demands of 1853. But it has stretched since far beyond its boundaries. The streets run according to the cardinal points of the compass, and each thoroughfare is eighty-two and a half feet wide. Those …read more

San Bernardino Valley, San Bernardino County, California

The San Bernardino Valley is the largest in the State in which the citrus and other sub-tropical fruits can be successfully raised to a perfect maturity. It is about sixty miles long east and west, with an average width north and south of fifteen miles. Within its boundaries are situated San Bernardino, Old San Bernardino, …read more

San Bernardino, San Bernardino County, California

The city of San Bernardino lies some six miles south of the mountain range, about four miles north of the Santa Ana River, and three miles from the railway station at Colton. It is 531 miles south of San Francisco, lying on the great thoroughfares that run southeastward, and those which penetrate the desert region …read more