San Mateo County, California History



     In the following brief historical sketch are shown only the main phases of San Mateo County's growth, as it would be impossible to portray in detail all the events of historical importance which have occurred in the county during the last one hundred and forty years; since the white man first set foot upon peninsular soil.
     First were the Indians already in loose and scattered possession of the soil ; then the Spanish explorers, followed by the Jesuit and Franciscan fathers. Next came the great land grants or ranchos with titles from the Spanish crown itself. These in turn were divided into lesser estates consisting, nevertheless, of thousands of acres apportioned among various rich men with their stately country seats. The last stage of development of the county is now at hand, that in which the land is divided into its final segments consisting of smaller country estates and lots of the suburban home dweller.

Spanish Colonial Activity
English Navigators Visit Peninsula
Indians of County
Growth of County
Early Days of San Mateo and Redwood City
Mexican Land Grants in San Mateo County
Catholic Church in County
Early Days in Colma Region
Some, Old Resorts of County
Period of Large Landed Estates
Suburban Development Period
San Mateo County,  Today and Tomorrow
Bayside Cities of County
County Real Estate Values
Climate of County
Floriculture in County
County's Physical Characteristics
Highway System of County
Coastside of County
San Mateo County Development Association
Schools of San Mateo County
Transportation Facilities
Hunting and Fishing
Biographies of Representative Men
San Mateo County News
The MacRorie-McLaren Company
The Studio Shop
The George H. Irving Company
Brief History of Western Meat Company

Steiger Terra Cotta & Pottery Works

Pacific Coast Steel Company

Burlingame Publishing Company

The Enterprise Foundry Company

Pacific Car and Equipment Company

Uncle Tom's Cabin

Schaw-Batcher Pipe Works

History of San Mateo County,
from the earliest times with a description of its resources and advantages: and the biographies of its representative men.
Compiled and written by Philip W. Alexander and Charles Hamm, 1916

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